Transitioning from a nursing home, back into the community, can be challenging enough. But it can be especially hard for those who don’t have the money to do it. Idaho Home Choice is a program that can help with that.
     At 58 years old, Darrell Billings of Middleton, decided to make a change. “I wanted to enrich my life, I wanted to become more independent. Try to resume as much of my independence that I could,” Billings said.
     Resuming that independence meant leaving a nursing facility he spent over two years in. “I was outgrowing it. I just didn’t want to liv in a facility where I was taken care of 24/7. I wanted to live independently and the program awarded that,” Billings said.
     For those who may not be able to afford to move out on their own, Idaho Home Choice program provides Medicaid services to make that transition possible. To live in a private home they may need a little more support. But this can help them be closer to family and loved ones in the community, but outside of that institutional placement. Sometimes people end up there as a kind of last stop. They don’t realize there are options for helping them transition out if they get the right support.
     Transition managers can be found at your local CIL, and can help you secure everything from housing to daily care. This could include getting personal care services set up, home delivered meals and an emergency response system. They can help you gain the confidence to do the transition.
     The program can pay for security deposit and has funds for furniture, kitchen supplies and other household items.  Idaho Home Choice has helped over 500 people transition into community-based living.