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Acute and chronic wounds are a health care concern, driven by aging populations and the increasing prevalence of chronic conditions such j as diabetes and obesity. More than a third of people who utilize in home care require treatment for wounds.

Accurate measurement enables proper wound diagnosis and treatment, yet the commonly used ruler method for measuring and tracking wounds often yields imprecise results. And that can be hard to do by yourself if the wound is in a hard to reach area. Some of these wounds are complex and at risk of infection.  Documenting a wounds healing process is important for relaying information accurately to medical professionals.

Digital tools can now address these challenges. The technology may measure and document wounds more accurately and faster than the standard ruler method and improve your outcome and reduce visits to the doctor’s office.

A smartphone app makes capturing wound care information as simple as taking a photo. There are integrated care protocols in the app alerting you to wounds that need advance care.  imitoMeasure is a digital wound app, standardized, simple and free of charge. It allows exact wound measurement without scale. You take a photo, use your finger to encircle the area for measurement and record it’s location on the body map. You can report it to your doctor via e-mail. You can try it for free by placing the supplied or printed QR code near the area you want to measure. Point the camera parallel to the wound and include the QR code. The shutter button will become active when the code has been detected – then take a photo.