Safety Considerations for Welcoming a Visually Impaired Person into your Home

Millions of people have some form of visual impairment. Some have cataracts and low vision, some can make out only shapes and colors. Others are completely blind and unable to see anything at all. Chances are you know someone who has a form of visual impairment. Perhaps a close friend, relative or loved one. You might find yourself in a position where you are welcoming them into your home. Here are a few actions you can take to make that visit safer:

1.Invest in Smart Cane. These canes use sonar to judge the distance between objects and help the person walk on their own.

2.Lighting Considerations. For low vision visitors keep your home well-lit to help them see better. Natural light is favored over lamps or bulbs.

3.Avoid clutter. This can cause even sighted people to trip and fall. Put belongings back after you are done using them. Keep outdoor spaces free of clutter as well.

4.Furniture & Decor. This can be a fun excuse to rearrange some furniture and decor. Keep furniture away from doorways and walking paths.

5.Assistance with Eating. Depending on the level of visual impairment, ask if there are ways to help during mealtimes. Offer to guide them to their chair.

These considerations can provide a boost of confidence, improve mobility and increase independence for the visually impaired. Take time to show you care!