Self-Determination YouTube Channel

Self-advocates in Wisconsin living with intellectual and developmental disabilities  have a lot to say about choice and control over their lives. That’s why they launched a Self-Determination YouTube channel in the fall of 2019. The theme across more than 80 videos is that self-determination is essential to living our best life – the life we all deserve. 

Whether it’s voting, how to talk to your legislator, supported-decision-making, or dating and relationships, the Self-Determination Channel celebrates successes and shows that, through perseverance, anything is possible. More than 100 self-advocates have contributed their expertise and perspectives. They have collaborated with four other states with more collaboration in the works.

Take a look at their videos:

Supported Decision Making – Jordan was just hours away from a court hearing that would have awarded his parents guardianship. In this video, Jordan shares his supported decision making story and how he almost lost his rights. Jordan and Ashley also talk about a new project they are working on for the Center of Youth Voice. Youth Choice will train other self-advocates about alternatives to guardianship.

Ideas for Job Coaches and Workers with Disabilities – Job coaches give extra help to workers as they learn how to do their jobs. In this video, Ashley and Cindy share ideas on how job coaches and workers with disabilities can better communicate with each other and work together for independence.

Did U Know? You have the right to take risks! – In this video, six self-advocates talk about your rights to make choices, take risks, and self-determine your own life. Thinking about living away from home, choosing your own friends? This is the video for you.

Help make voting accessible and easier – This interactive video helps gather data with a voting survey. Everyone has the right to vote.

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