Self Directed PA Services

Starting off on the right foot.

While you and your employer of record are familiar with the hiring and retention challenges that in-home caregiving has, there are things you can do to help keep a good caregiver. The first thing is an “onboarding” process. We can work together to create an effective team effort to recruit and retain employees.

1.Cultural Buy-In. Many in-home caregivers rarely visit the CIL office. Their work is done in the home, and in most cases they are working alone. This can make it difficult for them to feel they are immersed in the independent living self-directed care culture. Be sure and explain how self-direction works and why it is better for you than an agency. Help share the vision. The CIL can provide ways to get connected with the big picture, and help employees understand their role.

2. Pride. Your care giver is more likely to stay at the job longer when they have a sense of purpose. Helpthem understand how they positively impact your life and the ability to be independent. Reinforcing how they help can get them started off on the right foot.

3. Networking. While most care givers spend their days working independently, they should know they are not alone. The customer and the employer of record collaborate to function as a team. Consider a function where other caregivers can get acquainted, promote communication and collaboration.

4. Proper Training. Self-Directed Care has different training for each client. But you can work together on the obvious things – HIPAA for example. Look to your employer of record for help providing training on all sorts of issues. Training can boost confidence. Let them know any concerns you have and ways to work together to address them. And remember – you are in control!

Focusing on these four areas is the first step in employee retention.