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Tips for Socializing in Place

Even if you live in an area with relaxed social distancing rules, with the spike in the virus in recent weeks, you may be worried about going back to group gatherings. But you can use technology to replace some of those in-person forms of contact and stay connected to people.
Make a phone call
The simplest thing to do is call. The power of hearing a friend or loved one’s voice is valuable, even if you can’t see them. If you used to meet someone for a meal, try reaching out to schedule a phone call. Or call someone out of the blue – you may just make their day!

Write a letter or Email
Now is a good time to write a snail mail letter to someone you haven’t seen in a while. Any form of communication can be rewarding and help you feel connected. Or share photos on a digital platform. Keep that person up-to-date on your daily life.

Try Video Chatting
People of all ages like video chatting as a substitute for meeting face-to-face. If you haven’t used it before, now is a great time to ask someone to show you how it works on a smartphone or tablet. There are simpler tools  like the GrandPad that only does calls, emails, and shares photos. Still need help? Try TechBoomers for a number of guides and tutorials to help you.

There’s more than just meeting with loved ones.y Try a new activity virtually. Join an exercise or craft class hosted by Senior Planet. The offerings are all free for people 60 and over and even include a book club. Most activities can be joined using your computer or phone. Try Tai Chi, Morning Stretch class, or Friday Dance Party.  Or try taking an online course at a local college.

Do stay safe when socializing online. Don’t share any personal information online or over the phone. Even though some apps have built-in safeguards, remember not to post anything in the chat function that’s personal. And never share financial information over the phone. 

Do something for others! Create a care package for a neighbor and let them know you left it outside their home. Let people know you are thinking of them – and by an added bonu