Centers for Independent Living that provide self-directed in home care, are dedicated to altering an industry that has made little investment in these direct care workers. Wages are low and benefits nearly non-existent. Across the nation, turnover rates are high. Our goal as CIL’s is to change the model through reforming public policies at a state level and by working to improve employment practices.

In 2002, PHI created and implemented a national demonstration that tested whether investing in the workforce and creating better jobs resulted in better care. This test ran from 2002 to 2006 and concluded that job quality and quality care are intertwined in a variety of ways. They used the “Nine Elements of a Quality Job for Caregivers” for the assessment. These nine elements were shown to contribute to better retention and better care.
1. Family sustaining wages
2. Family supported benefits
3. Full time hours if desired, stable work schedule, balanced workload, and no mandatory overtime.
4. Excellent training the develops and hones the relational and technical skills
5. Participation in workplace organization, care planning, and public policy discussions.
6. Career advancement opportunities
7. Linkages to organizational, community, and public benefits to resolve barriers to work.
8. Supervisors who set clear expectations while providing encouragement and support
9. Owners and Managers willing to lead participative, ongoing quality improvement. A willingness to listen to ideas.

Let’s work together to promote Caregivers as the high quality job we know it to be!