Self-Directed Personal Assistant Services

Getting ready for hiring a Personal Assistant? These 6 questions can help you prepare.
1. How long will you remain in your home? 9 out of 10 adults wish to remain at home. You can adapt a house to fit evolving needs. Look for an aging-in-place specialist who knows how to modify your home. Using some of your savings on these changes is really a gift to you.
2. What’s your health insurance situation? Find out what your insurance covers. Medicaid is set up to provide PAS based on need. But many private pay insurances may not. Read the fine print or call to ask specific coverage questions.
3. Where are your important papers? Know the location of the big 3: a living will, a last will and testament, and power of attorney. Make sure they are updated and signed. Send a copy to your attorney and store the other at home. Keep copies of your social security number, deeds, and titles with this. Keep copies of gas, electric, and other bills too.
4. What about your online presence? Find a safe location for all your online passwords, and what accounts you have, including Facebook, and other social media.
5. Who are your doctors and what meds are you taking? Create a document that lists medications, dosages, and the providers name and phone numbers. Store it in Dropbox or Evernote so you can add to it or make changes. The app is free anklets you import photos or Rx bottles into a master list. This way, in an emergency your caregiver can access important information.
6. What is your emergency plan? This can include your support system, what to do in a fire or flood, and having a bug out kit prepared ahead of time with important documents, medication, and even food for your service animal. The point is this information should be easy to get to for your caregiver in case of an emergency.