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Ways to add Accessibility to any Bathroom

Contractors profit from this hot trend. Accessibility is important in both new construction and remodels. Driven by an aging population and desire to create spaces that change as our needs change, adding accessibility features increases the value. Fortunately there are some easy additions and design tweaks that can capture this value. When evaluating for a remodel, envision the space needed for three “objects” — the user, gadgets like wheelchair, walker, bath bench, and an aide or caregiver.
Barrier free showers: one of the most dangerous actions is to step over the tub or other obstacle. An designing you shower to be barrier free also adds a luxurious look. A 6’ Water Stopper kit provides a roll over seal is around $150 and comes with everything you need for installation. It protects your floor from a zero threshold shower floor.
5 feet of clearance: For a person in a wheelchair, the need for space to move around is important. 5 feet between fixtures gives enough room. Consider stealing space from an adjoining closet.
36 in wide shower door: This makes it much easier for people of all abilities to access a shower and provides an illusion of extra space. Be sure to consider where a shower door swings out to.
Hand held shower heads: is vital for people with limited movement. It’s a low cost way to add convenience…plus it makes it easier to clean the shower or other items.
Grab bars: No matter what your age, grab bars can prevent slips and falls. It’s easy now to find a style that suits any decor and they can double as towel holders. Make sure there is adequate blocking behind the drywall to support the bar.
Shower seat: Useful for all ages, it can be for more than sitting – you can prop your foot on it while shaving. Many fold away when not in use.
Easy to reach accessories: injuries can occur when stretching for the soap or shampoo. Place shelves or a niche “mid-level” so they can be reached when sitting or standing.
By making a few changes you can set yourself up to “age in place” and handle anything that comes your way. Check out BestBath for other products for your bath.