Self Directed Personal Assistant Services

   Finding a good in-home caregiver can be challenging. How do you find someone who is reliable and trustworthy, as well as comfortable  to be with. Here are tips that can help:
Know your needs – Determine the level of care you need. This can pinpoint the type of help needed. For example: is it just help with daily tasks like shopping, cooking, doing laundry, or bathing and dressing than a homemaker or personal care will do.   
    But if you need health care services, your caregiver may do all the things a homemaker does, plus they need the training to administer medications, change wound dressings, and other related duties. This type often works under a nurse’s supervision.
     Once you have decided on the level of care, you need to find out how many hours of assistance you can receive. A Medicaid assessment can determine this.
    After that you can go about hiring someone in one of two ways: through an agency or on your own using self-directed PA services.
Hiring through an Agency – How this works is they handle everything. They assign trained staff to provide care and find a fill-in when an aide cannot come. Some of the drawbacks are you may not have much input in the selection of your care-giver. They can also change, or alternate, which can cause disruption.
Hiring directly – This gives you more control over who you hire, so you can choose someone you feel is right for you. You can consider a family member, or neighbor. You get to interview the worker, train them to assist you how YOU want. Using a self-directed PA service means you don’t have to handle the payroll. They take care of billing, taxes and deductions, and workers comp, and provide a paycheck to your employee. They even do the background checks and can help with some of the training – but remember you are always in control of how or when you want something done.