Signs of our Times

National Recovery Month is held every September to educate Americans that substance abuse treatment and mental health services can enable those with related disorders to live healthy and rewarding lives. Latah Recovery Center Director Darrell Keim said he hopes supportive messages like “You are enough” and “One day at a time” that are posted in yards of residents and businesses spread hope in celebration of National Recovery Month.

“What we really liked about (the signs) was that yes, we’re a recovery community center, but the messages are generic to any message that you wanted to have,” Keim said.

He said there will be about 110 signs throughout the county, with one of eight messages on them as part of a statewide campaign “Signs for Our Times.”

Messages like “You are enough,” You are worthy of love,” “You got this,” “You are not alone,” “Your mistakes do not define you.” “It’s not too late,” “One day at a time,” and “Recovery IS possible.” All signs say “Don’t give up” on the back.

Four signs are posted along East Third Street in Moscow. “We’re incredibly supportive of people that are working to better their lives and for people to know that there are community resources for them, which is really important,” Heart of the Arts Executive Director Jenny Kostroff said.  She said a wellness recovery program med weekly at the 1912 Center prior to the pandemic.

Kostroff said the free support group is for people working through mental health issues and that Heart of the Arts feels connected to the recovery community through that group.

“There’s a lot of silent struggle that people go through and I always feel like when we have community resources it’s important for those to help show people they aren’t alone,” she said.

The 1912 Center is an old building getting a second life as second floor renovations near completion “There’s nothing saying you can’t do that for people too,” she said. “Give them another chance.”

Keim said he got the signs idea from an article in Reader’s Digest about a woman who place positive message signs in her town after a cluster of suicides happened in the city.

The Recovery Center plans to reuse the signs every September. The signs are courtesy of Optum Insurance, Recovery Idaho and a local benefactor. Many recovery centers across Idaho will be participating. For the full article from The Daily News, go here: