Sunflower Lanyards now at SeaTac

Sunflower lanyards discreetly signal to airport staff that the wearer, or a member in a group, has a hidden disability and may need additional support and patience. Whether your hidden disability is sight loss or a hearing impairment, not being able to stand for long periods of time or autism, PTSD, or hearing loss. Program participation is voluntary. Passengers may request free Sunflower lanyards at the pre-security information desk between Checkpoint 3 and Checkpoint 4 (near the Starbucks and US Bank) and the post-security information desk in concourse A (near gate A5).  These lanyards are recognized at a growing number of US airports, including Miami, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Orlando, San Jose and more!  Find out more here.

The Airport Social Story and Resource Guide is designed for traveling through SEA during a world of mask-wearing and physical distancing. This brochure is designed for travelers with autism to repeatedly review with their family/caregivers prior to travel. Though, it can certainly be used by anyone who might find it helpful.

The Sensory Room at SeaTac is provided as a calming environment for those who may feel overwhelmed, overstimulated, or find the need recenter from the multitude of sights and sounds of the airport travel experience. The Sensory Room is located on the train level of the A Gates STS Station in the long hallway near the elevators. You can use our interactive map for step-by-step directions.

SEA is proud to work with several therapy dog teams certified through the Pet Partners program. Pet Partners volunteers and their animals train to offer a friendly face and a moment to relax in a busy airport environment.

And always prepare for your travel 72 hours in advance with TSA Cares, a helpline that provides additional assistance during the security screening process. 855-787-2227

As we all get back into the mode of travel, whether for work or for vacation, knowing these resources are out there can make travel a little easier.