Technology for Independent Living

Wheelchair Vented Canopy

Summer is here! These power wheelchair and scooter canopies are perfect protection from the sun and keep you dry on rainy days. There are different designs available and come in multiple colors, allowing you to pick the style that best matches your chair! This canopy easily attached to the seat of your wheelchair or scooter – you’ll be comfortable and protected no matter the weather. Base model around $170.00 with free shipping.

Wheelchair Safety Night Lights

This cool wheelchair light comes with a clip to instantly mount on the seat sling. The clip has a rotatable head allowing you to point the light in any direction. A multi-colored, pulsating LED emits a “disco effect” beam. Point it under your chair for a fun “underglow” effect and to be more visible at night. Or use the second LED that emits constant white light and point it to light your way ahead. You can instantly remove it and store it in your pocket or handbag when it is not needed. Improves safety AND fun! Batteries are included. About $25.00 from