Meet the Smartchairs

   Autonomous vehicle technology. Self-compensating drive control. Predictive maintenance apps. A virtual seating coach. All of these things are happening now in wheelchair technology and they are transforming our mobility, health and independence. These sleek, futuristic wheelchairs navigate turns, traverse bumpy grates, and travel in tandem. A wheelchair can travel autonomously through an airport to a woman who summoned it using her cellphone and the second one followed independently. Designed to shuttle passengers through an airport for the 2020 Olympics in Japan, they carry new technology – mapping, sensors and more, that could change the way you drive your power wheelchair. Former Japanese auto designers came up with The WHILL chair. Auto manufacturers are embracing non- traditional mobility devices. They believe ‘mobility’ goes well beyond cars and that movement is a human right. And we couldn’t agree more. In the future you won’t wait for airport personnel to get you. You will summon your chair from an app on your phone! 

Uccello Kettle

In just four simple steps, the Uccello Kettle will provide you with safe delivery of hot water. Unlike other kettles or kettle tippers, the circular shape of the Uccello Kettle, combined with its rotating cradle, moves around the body of water to assist the flow of the pour, so you don’t have to lift, strain, balance or aim. Non-slip feet for stability, ergonomic handle that distributes weight across the entire arm, not fingers and wrists. It opens up a world of confidence and independence for anyone who wishes to handle boiling water safely.