Technology for Independent Living

Group Conversations for Deaf

Most day to day group conversations are not accessible to the Deaf and hard of hearing, so many tend to avoid them. Now SpeakSee can build connections and make it easier for people to showcase their talents, share ideas and be part of the conversation. SpeakSee transcribes speech to text in over 120 languages including accents. Three separate, color coded microphones can be positioned on a persons shirt, close to the source of sound. They transcribe speech into text and project it onto a smartphone in real time, color coded to who said what.  Pre-order cost is $399.

Electronic Skin can Feel

Researches have developed an “e-dermis” that can be applied to a prosthetic hand to give the wearer a sense of touch. The skin is a combination of fabric and rubber in which electronic sensors are embedded. It relays sensation through the wearer’s skin using a method known as TENS. Sensations can be felt including an uncomfortable but tolerable pain. This could warn the wearer of damage. It’s thought the technology could make sense of so-called phantom limb sensations in amputees.You can learn about more AT developments at