Technology for Independent Living

    Idaho AT 4 All has loads of equipment for sharing at no cost whether temporarily or longer term. Right now there are three lifts at DAC NW in Lewiston that make it possible for anyone to move a loved one around the house, from bed to chair to wheelchair. It can be intimidating j to use the lift for the first time, but with practice it becomes easier. You position a sling under the person, attach it to the lift and raise them up to transport wherever you like.
#1 – The first available is the Invacare Get U Up Hydraulic. It is a sit-to-stand lift designed to assist people with limited mobility to transfer between seated and standing positions. Helpful in preventing falls, it has under-bed clearance that may or may not work under a recliner chair. Easy to roll it has adjustable supports for multiple positions and a weight capacity of 350 lbs.
#2 – The second lift is an Invacare Reliant that has a weight capacity of 450 lbs. A Hydraulic pump mechanism in this lift allows for transfer with minimal effort. A six-point hookup allows the use of all sling styles.
#3 – The third one is the Hydraulic Patient Life that is both easy to use and even disassembles for easy transportation or storage. The non-sway cradle provides extra stability during transfers, an important factor in comfort and confidence! The extended reach gives it the capability to lift a person from the floor. The adjustable base swings open which means it can straddle something it doesn’t fit under, a good fit for transferring to an easy chair, wheel chair or recliner. It has a 400 lb weigh capacity.

If you are interested call Jerri at 208-746-9033