Technology for Independent Living

Ultimate Foot Circulator

If you suffer from neuropathy and foot pain or have trouble exercising this may help. The Carex device uses TENS Therapy to deliver relief by relaxing stiff muscles, reduce swelling in feet and ankles and increase blood circulation in healthy muscles. All of these are common contributors to in-home falls. This product, paired with a healthy exercise routine, can help increase mobility and in turn, reduce falls. It features an easy to use remote control with preset programs. Users say it helps with any foot pain, restless legs, plantar fasciitis and other foot pain. Walmart has one for under $130.00.

Non-Slip Hydro Rug

This bath mat feels sooooo good on your feet. Provides comfort and important safety to your bath and shower. Suction cups keep the mat in place directly over the drain – water drains right through it! Textured surface is slip resistant and works as a loofa, adding a spa like experience. Fast drying, anti-microbial, mildew and stain resistant material means it stays clean and never wears out. About $16.00.