Technology for Independent Living

SAMARTH Transfer System

Samarth is an assistive mechanism to provide an easy, safe and convenient way of transferring from wheelchair to other mediums with ease. The mechanism is two components of a wheelchair, and can conveniently retrofit existing chairs. The intuitive device allows closer positioning for transfer for the wheelchair by removing the barrier of the wheel and replacing it with a smooth surface transfer board. This, in turn, can be flipped up and used as a multipurpose table as well. Winner of the James Dyson Award, it will be in production soon

Touch Screen Use for the Blind

Crucial services are being replaced by touch screens, which aren’t accessible. WatVision allows the visually impaired to use any touch screen without needing to see the screen elements. The smart phone app is contained in a ring you wear on your finger. You point the phone camera at the touch screen and it will read whatever is under our finger. It will be low cost!