Technology for Independent Living

Portable Stair Climber

The Liftkar PT-U wheelchair stair climber attaches to a manual wheelchair and locks into place. Makes it easy for you and an assistant to handle stairs, either for visiting or for emergency evacuation in case an elevator is out of order. The unit is light weight and disassembles and is easy to put in your car or travel on a plane. Battery powered and can lift up to 352 lbs indoors or out. Small enough to negotiate curved or narrow stairs. Contact them for a rep in your area to get a quote.

An Easier Way to Track Prescriptions

This pill bottles comes in different sizes and has a simple stopwatch built into the cap. It can give you peace of mind knowing whether your loved one did or did not take their medication. It can also detect and deter theft. It can also be used to help quit smoking by continually lengthening the time between cigarettes.  With smart phone apps you can track all kinds of information 

About $10.00