Technology for Independent Living

Assisted Shaving Razor

Until now, razors have been designed solely for individual use. As the population ages, men may need help shaving due to disability. The Gillette TREO is a new razor designed to help caregivers provide “a high level of safety and comfort” when shaving others. A special divot allows for better control, while a shorted handle makes it easier to reach under the chin. The blade requires less water to glide and shaving gel comes from within the squeezable handle to make less mess. Available in a 5 pack for $7.99.

Upright Mobility Device

Upsee is a harness designed to allow children with motor impairments stand and move with the help of an adult. Suitable for children 1-8 with a maximum weight of 55 lbs. Made of 3 parts, an adult hip belt, child harness and shared sandals. It facilitates gradual weight bearing, standing and walking with the aid of an adult. It allows a small child to walk for the first time. These are just little steps – but they mean the world to someone. Under $550.00