Technology for Independent Living


This app was motivated by a need to remember where you parked your car. But it has many more applications to it. For example, if you are a kayaker who is blind, you can set it to drop your breadcrumbs at 5 second intervals as you paddle out and then use those crumbs to find your way back to the dock. Make sure to not let your screen go dark or it will stop dropping crumbs.  Open sourced and usable on both iPhone and Android devices, we are sure you can find even more uses for it.

For the BodyNet_sticker being stretched
Using metallic ink, researchers screen-print an antenna and sensor onto a stretchable sticker designed to adhere to skin, tracking pulse and other health indicators, and beaming these readings to a receiver on a person’s clothing. / Photo by Bao lab.


Wearable Sensors For Health

These comfortable wireless sensors stick to the skin and can track your health and then beam these readings to a receiver clipped onto your clothing. Called BodyNet, they peel and stick like bandaids and monitor pulse and respiration rates. They hope to integrate more health applications into it in the future. Originally designed as a security measure for opening locked doors, they find there are many possible uses.