Technology for Independent Living

Peddle Master

These portable hand controls give you the freedom and independence you desire. They are the easiest to attach on the market, no installation is required, simply clamp on and go in seconds. And they come in three stylish colors: black, ruby red and sapphire blue. The spring loaded jaws clamp securely to the brake and accelerator pedals on automatic transmission vehicles. All while seated in the driver’s seat. At 26” it’s even with the steering wheel. You simply adjust the drivers seat. Around $250


Pot Stabilizer for the One Handed Cook

We’ve all had trouble having the pot spin when you stir it. This easy  to use, lightweight aluminum stabilizer will hold the pot handle still while you stir with one hand.  Rubber suction cups adhere securely to your counter or even the stove top. Folds up to store easily in a drawer when not in use. Around $25<