Technology for Independent Living

Mail Chime Mail Alert System

If the pop up flag isn’t working to let you know when the mail is delivered, try Mail – 1200, a wireless notification device. It announces when the mail is delivered with audible AND visual signals. Adjustable volume control and works up to 300 feet away. It works on all three basic types of mailboxes: curbside, wall mounted and slot type. But is not recommended for extra large heavy walled mailboxes. Device attached with heavy duty double faced tape. Clean the surface off before attaching. Notification stays on until you get your mail and reset the device.

About $45 and available from Walmart or Amazon.

Vivitar Foot Ball Massager

An effective relaxation option in an affordable and low-tech package. This tough tissue reducing ball massager with acupressure nodes is designed to help relax sore areas and eliminate tension. It can improve flexibility and circulation. Cordless and handheld, it will give you a professional quality massage in  the comfort of your own home. Uses 3 AAA batteries.  

About $15.00