Technology for Independent Living

Hands Free Phone

Do you find the keys on mobile phones too small and fiddly to use? If so, Sesame Phone might be what you are looking for. It’s touch free, you control it by moving your head. It is switched on by speaking the phrase “Open Sesame”. Once activated, the front facing camera tracks the position of your head. A cursor will appear allowing you to make phone calls, text and email, use apps and delve into your phone. Turn your head left will send the cursor leftwards, turning to the right will send it to the right, and nodding up or down completes the simple navigation system. It is designed to track small head movements, although you can change the sensitivity settings to a level that suits you.


Beeping Foam Soccer Ball

Get in the game and hear where the ball is headed! This accessible beeping foam soccer ball emits a beeping tone, allowing all players to know where it is going by sound, rather than sight. Soccer becomes a challenging, physically demanding and enjoyable competitive sport for athletes who are blind or visually impaired. But also fund for sighted people! It has an on/off switch and uses a 9V battery.
Around $35.00