Technology for Independent Living

Ford Upfits Program Reimburses $1,000 towards Accessibility

The Ford Accessibility Program makes it easier for persons with disabilities to get on the road. They have a variety of adaptable vehicles to meet different needs. And to get things started they offer up to $1,000 reimbursement on adaptive equipment, or up to $200 for alert hearing devices, lumbar support, or running boards. They can help you select, purchase and adapt a vehicle that’s perfect for your needs, so you can claim your driving independence. They have a handy chart for which vehicles have adaptive equipment available. They event have motorhomes that come equipped with SYNC 3, an easy to use voice activated command center for things like lights, window shades.

Braille Rubik’s Cube

Rubik’s Touch Cube is sold online for $16.99 with 6 distinct shapes embossed on each color to help the blind identify the blocks. But it is a relatively easy toy to modify and make accessible. Use strong adhesive and patches of different textiles like silk, denim, leather, lace, cotton and suede. Or add raised dots with puff paint. These enhancements allow for a person who is blind to enjoy the same activity that the sighted do. Introduce them to the challenge of Rubik’s Cube and they may have a hard time putting it down!