Technology for Independent Living

Tilt Switch

Children and adults with motor limitations can still use technology through special switches. Easier than turning a knob, the Tilt Switch is perfect for users who aren’t able to activate a switch manually. This is a gravity sensitive switch that has a velcro strap that attaches to a head, arm or leg and is activated when the user tilts that body part. Extremely versatile, this switch can be adjusted for tilt sensitivity. Many things can be operated with a single switch: home appliances, fixtures, toys, remote controlled cars, electric razors, lights or the tv, or even a fan.  

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Cast Protector

The new Seal-Tight Infinity protects your cast or bandages so you can bathe or shower. The unique infinity edge prevents water from pooling in the ring and forms a watertight seal. The design features molded grips for easy, no-slip application. Latex free its guaranteed to last the life of your cast. Also works for chronic wounds, diabetic ulcers and more. Many sizes available.

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