Technology for Independent Living


Pouring has never been easier! Simply insert desired beverage in this product and just tilt downward with two fingers to pour. After use, tilt the Pour Thing back into place for the next use. This product is designed for those with disabilities or spill-prone children, and is a must have for every home. Comes in half gallon and gallon size. Perfect for milk, juice or other beverages. No hand strength needed to pour!  

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Eyestick uses rays and ultrasonic sensors to measure the distance with the ground and delivers sound alarms to BlueTooth earpiece to alert you to stairs, prevent collisions with pedestrians and let others know that you are blind. It also can get information from products. It can scan books and read barcodes, or read paper money, all sending the information to your earpiece. Power button is labeled in Braille. It can even send an emergency signal.
From Yanko Design