Technology for Independent Living

Braille Clothing Tags

Stay color coordinated! These small, lightweight, washable clothing tags are printed in Braille easily attached. When you know what outfits really go well together, sew or pin a number 1 on that shirt and number 2 on the matching pair of shorts or pants. Get two sets of the numbers, and you can attach the same number to matching shirts and pants. Make a quick braille list and stick it in your dresser drawer so you will always remember what the numbers mean. Perfect for everything from play clothes to dress clothes. About $13.00 for 1-25 tags.


iDentify is an app that allows for visually impaired individuals to gain more  independence in daily tasks like grocery shopping, self-navigating indoor environments, and reading. It uses artificial intelligence to enable a visually impaired user to click a photo and is able to recognize virtually any object, brand, color, facial expression, handwriting and text, and deliver an audible description of the image to the user. And it works in 27 languages! You can choose from three different modes of object and text recognition as well as even how fast you want the app to speak. Download it from the App Store on iPhones.