Technology for Independent Living

Adjustable Exam Table

A better designed adjustable height exam table that is easier on both patients and staff. Transfers at the low height of 17” and powers up to a height of 33”. It has a fully powered backrest for sitting or reclining. Grab bars make transferring easy and safe. And the best part? It’s also a scale for accurate prescription dosing! Medical offices will qualify for an ADA tax credit to become compliant. Weight capacity up to 450 lbs. It provides a dramatic difference in the exam experience for patients who have difficulty climbing on exam tables or standing on scales.




It takes only 15 to 20 minutes to create a pressure ulcer and about 6 to 8 months for it to resolve. The important thing is to change position before this happens This pad placed under the anti-decubitus cushion is equipped with sensors and connected to a smartphone app. It collects information and can tell you when you need to move or find a better position. This can precent skin problems related to the wheelchair. It can count how many times you have moved, calculate the time spent in one position, detect incorrect positioning, give you customizable alerts or contact a caregiver to let you know to change position. Discreet, it’s easy to use by anyone.