Technology for Independent Living

Chair Speaker

The newest breakthrough in TV listening technology. This device allows a user to place the TV sound near each ear without the isolation or discomfort of headphones or in-the-ear devices. The blue-tooth device wirelessly transmits the audio to any chair or recliner up to 33 feet away. For those that have purchased a sound bar with the expectation of hearing the TV better, only to realize more volume doesn’t mean clearer sound, this delivers improved sound clarity through voice-enhancing technology. Like a personal surround sound system, it has rubber grips and ball flex joints to effortlessly drape over your chair and includes chair side controls. Set up is a snap with a plug-and-play design, making it easy to begin enjoying watching TV like never before.


Activity Book for Memory Challenged Adults & their Caregivers

Structured activities can make a significant, positive difference by stimulating mental engagement and improving interactions between adults and their caregivers. Divided into four seasons, it has multi-sensory experiences – such as making ice cream or planting flowers – along with related topics for discussion. The activities are multicultural, incorporate all five senses, and offers guidance about activity planning and optimizing interactions. It hopes to build common ground and joy in a challenging and changing situation like dementia. About $15.00