seated man using suspenders to pull pants up

Low Tech Help for Dressing

There are lots of low cost or free assistive technology that can make life easier.  Certain disabilities or health problems, even aging, can make it hard to dress independently.  This is a dressing aid to help putting pants on. You could even substitute a pair of suspenders! Simply clip the front waistband while you are comfortably seated. Then slip your feet in the legs and pull up! No bending over needed. Something this simple could alleviate so much frustration for those with a lack of flexibility.

It can be picked up for around

Make a Nail Care Board

Keep all nail care items in one place and easy to use even if your dexterity isn’t the best! Using a small board, glue or screw down nail files and trimmers. Add a larger handle to the trimmers and you are ready to go. You could even clamp the board down on a surface for extra stability. You can label it for personal use as well. Follow DAC on Pinterest for more easy disability hack ideas!