Technology for Independent Living

Magnetic Buttons for those with Hand weakness

You may avoid buying button down shirts, or when you do, you sew the buttons up leaving enough of an opening to pull the shirt over your head. Gina Adams, via her compnpany called Buttons 2 Buttons has come up with a great solution for people who want to convert their button down shirts into adaptive ones. The patents magnetic buttons are easy to put on your existing shirts and will keep them closed and secure. Machine washable for repeated use. Button hooks require tedious pull through of each button. But with this close your shirt with the simple brush of a hand and open with a gentle pull. Pretty cool, huh?
Cost is about $30.00 from Amazon


Assistive technology doesn’t have to be high tech. This one is super easy and super effective. One of the best MacGyver-inspired ideas is an adapter for writing. If you have significant grasp difficulties just a few dollars worth of PVC piping can build a T-shaped crayon or pencil holder. Use a 1” PVC tee connector and insert foam pipe insulation to hold the writing implement. You can use it for  eating utensils too! Try it out and you may even become inspired to be your own AT hacker!