Dignity Bib

We all know some fellow who is reluctant to wear the needed bib at meal time. Now he can eat with dignity and no reluctance. This bib is easily constructed of up-cycled men’s shirts and is larger than most bibs.
It will cover the lap when wearer is seated.
You can make it from denim, flannel and regular oxford cloth shirts. Since the size of the bib depends on the size of the shirt, you can use a child’s size shirt for children with special needs. If you use a  lightweight shirt you may need to line it with a towel. A simple velcro attachment is added for the back. Easily cleaned by throwing in the washer and dryer. If you have basic knowledge of sewing and a sewing machine, you can make it with no problems.  It even comes with a pocket to store a hankie or medicine, etc! Digital download pattern from Etsy for $8.

Rocking Knife Cuts with Ease

The Rocking T-Knife is a unique and easy to use knife that lets you cut any type of food with just one hand. Ideal for those with an amputated arm, limited hand movement, or low hand strength. it lets you cut your food with a rocking motion that ensures the food doesn’t shift or move around the plate. This knife if comfortable to hold and gives the user complete control over it. It can cut all kinds of food including meat, bread, fruits, and vegetables for eating or preparation. Dishwasher safe.

Between $16 and $25