Technology for Independent Living

Tile Sticker

The Tile Sticker technology prevents you from losing everyday items. It has an adhesive back and is small enough to be placed on tv or other remotes, wallets, keys, carmera, or other easily misplaced household items. It’s about the size of a quarter. When you need to find your items, use the company’s app on your phone or computer. The Pro version is ideal for valuable items and has a BlueTooth range of 400 feet. That can cover losing something in your drive way or yard! It’s waterproof, has a 3 year battery life and comes with free shipping. It sticks better to some items than others, great on a passport or wallet, not so much on a gym bag that is likely to be banged around. It’s black and blends right in. The sticker is not built for detaching and reattaching, so once you stick it on something, you have to leave it there. You get a 4 pack for around $50. Not bad for peace of mind.

New App for TV Shows

If you love watching TV shows, then the ABC app is for you. It lets you watch recent ABC shows on your devices for no charge at all. Full episodes of a wide variety of shows: Bachelorette, Modern Family and more. You can binge on throwback classics or find something new. Finding a favorite show is easy, they are listed alphabetically. Or browse by genre like Comedy, Reality, Drama, and News and find something you haven’t seen before. Includes daytime and late night TV shows. Plenty there to see and all completely free! You can get the ABC app in the Apple Store or

Google Play.