Technology for Independent Living


Even if you haven’t moved your hand and arm in years due to a stroke, MyoPro may be able to help you regain everyday function. Feed yourself, cook, carry objects, do household tasks, return to work or hobbies. This powered brace is a unique, patented upper limb orthosis designed to restore function to weakened or paralyzed arms of patients with CVA stroke, disease or injury. Movement practice with an impaired limb can help strengthen existing or forge new connections between neurons. This means that therapy with MyoPro assists the relearning process. It senses your own EMG signals through non-invasive sensors on the arm and drives tiny motors so your arm moves as you want it to. No implants, no electrical stimulation. Covered by most Medicare Advantage and Blue Cross/Blue Shield plans, and by the US Veterans Administration. For a free screening to see if it will work for you, call 877-736-9666.

Clear Plate Guard

This clear plate guard prevents food from being pushed off the plate. A wonderful item to have for those who are one-handed, lack dexterity in their hands or even for poor low vision. A groove attaches to the rim of most plates. It attaches by stretching open and placing on the rim. This forms a bumper part of the way around the plate.The spring like qualities keep it securely in place. Allows you to eat independently on the same dinnerware as everyone else. Easy to pack in a purse or bag for dining out at restaurants or social gatherings. Comes in a small and large size. Dishwasher safe.  

About $15