Technology for Independent Living

Toe Jammer Footplate

The Toe Jammer Footplate is a new approach to total foot and toe protection for wheelchairs. They protect your feet from anything you could or will run into. Made of 3/16” marine grade aluminum base with a professionally welded toe guard 2” high that wraps around the front of the footplate and down the sides. All the safety and security of the big bulky cages used for sports but in a smaller design that is practical for everyday. It allows you to forget about your feet. You don’t need to worry about them sliding off and the possibility of dragging or twisting your foot. You don’t have to worry about smashing your toes into something causing cuts or broken toes. The plates are powder coated in your choice of colors to match or accent your wheelchair. There is even non-skid coating for when your feet are wet or you are wearing socks. You can even buy an unpainted one and paint it yourself!

$190.00 www.toejammerfootplatescom

Ear Jewelry that Celebrates the Deaf Community

New York based genderless brand Private Policy has collaborated with activist, artist, and actor Chella Man on a line of jewelry that celebrates the beauty within the deaf and hard-of-hearing communities. A collection of gold-plated jewelry was designed for the campaign titled “The Beauty of Being Deaf” and features a cast of deaf models. The pieces sit decoratively over the ears. They are designed to complement, rather than hide, hearing devices or cochlear implants. The ear jewelry is priced from $330 to $620 and was launched March 15th in honor of National Deaf History Month. Fifty percent of profits go to LGBTQ non-profits.