Technology for Independent Living

Handy Hand Tools

Assistive technology exists for people in the agricultural industry. There are tools that help folks get the job done in the farm shop and around the farmstead. Let’s get back to work!

Cordless Caulk/Adhesive Gun.

Designed to eliminate hand fatigue, this 12 volt lithium- ion 10 ounce gun reportedly delivers up to 21 inches per minute of caulk or adhesives with 950 pounds of force. Features include a six-setting speed dial, variable speed trigger, and rotating collar that allows for smooth application around corners. All metal gears deliver dispensing force for the highest viscosity materials. Anti-drip mechanism instantly stops material from dripping upon trigger release.

Prosthetic Tool System

This ingenious tool consists of a Preston terminal device and Hayden tool sets. Screwed into a prosthetic arm, the terminal device has a socket into which the numerous tools can fit. Rotating 360 degrees and bending up to 60 degrees, the device enables users to maneuver the tools without having to contort their bodies. This company manufactures components for upper extremity dysfunction and amputation. Items include eating utensils, carpentry tools, gardening tools, and outdoor and sporting equipment. They will even loan a demo kit so you can try it before you buy it.