Technology for Independent Living

Air Filter Hack

As we enter fire season in the northwest, it’s a good time to be prepared to deal with the smoke. If you are missing a few items on your list, this quick fix may help with poor air quality conditions in the meantime. With the simple purchase of a box fan, a furnace air filter, and a little duct tape you can make your own air filter for little money. It’s been tested and after running for 35 minutes on medium, it cut the particle load in the room by 87 percent. Remember to carefully seal the filter around the entire perimeter of the fan with pro-strength packing tape. And no fan is engineered to operate through a dense filter so it may damage the fan’s motor with prolonged use. But for an air quality emergency it’s worth a shot. 

Chair Lift

Getting a seat lift for yourself can help restore mobility and independence. And if you don’t have the space or money for a power lift recliner, the Up N’Go chairlift is a great option. Self powered, it relies on a pneumatic spring to lift you from the chair. The pressure from sitting forces the seat down, but if you slowly rise and decrease pressure the seat cushion gently pushes you forward, making standing easier. Portable and can support up to 200 pounds.  Medicare may cover a portion of the cost so it’s worth asking. A note from the doctor will likely help.

$40.00 approx.