Technology for Independent Living

Amazing 3-in1 Rake

This yard tool combines a scoop, a rake and helps you move debris effortlessly. Designed so you don’t need to bend, stoop or touch the rubbish. The telescope handle is customizable for length up to 58 inches. The desigjn lets you rake or shovel lawn clippings, needles, leaves, snow, or even pet waste. The comfort slide grip clamps the two halves together to easily dispose of the contents. Great for the garden or ranch.  Comes in three bright colors and is built to last.
About $40


Faucet Handle

This device easily attaches to most hose faucet handles, round or oval, and “T” handle faucets. Developed by Jim Tyner who had to turn the outdoor faucet on and off for his wife Karen.  This allows for more leverage and easier grip than standard handles. Anyone who struggles with small handles or experiences pain when turning one will appreciate this. Made of durable ABS plastic it can withstand extreme heat and cold. Perfect for limited hand mobility due to arthritis, etc. A Phillips screwdriver is all that is needed for installation. We would recommend you use additional screws and substitute the metal nuts for the plastic ones for more durability.
$15.00 from