Technology for Independent Living

Sit to Stand Perch Stool

This stool is perfect for computer work or in the kitchen. Pivoting angled column moves with your body for constant alignment. Adjustable height works for different workstations or counters. Swivel seat moves with you as you twist. In the kitchen, it is perfect for taking weight off your feet and relieving back pain. 

Don’t think an aid means you are giving up. It’s the complete opposite. Aids allow us to function in a world that is not built for disabled people.

About $150.00


Shoe Horn & Sock Remover

Two tools in one!  This is perfect for those who have difficulty removing socks and shoes. It gently pushes off any sock with ease while the shoe horn helps put shoes on or take off.  Long 28” handle with contoured grip rotates so it can be used for both socks or shoes. Compact and perfect for travel, it folds to less than 14”.  Great for arthritic or weak hands and can be used with ease from standing or sitting position. 

$12.00 from