Technology for Independent Living

QRamp Modular Access

QRamp has it all! This powder coated and photo luminescent light stripped ramp is the industry leader in safety, aesthetics and all around user feel. QRamp utilizes ThruFlow Premium decking for its maintenance free surface. The non-slip surface is built in, and won’t wear away quickly like grip tape or similar surfaces. It’s truly modular design allows users to add or subtract modules, tying the ramp to the client, not the home.

It has an 850 lbs. load rating with extra tall curbs (4.5”) for safety. To assist you in the dark, it has glow in the dark guides that are lined on the interior side beams. These last up to 6 hours. No painting, staining, or sanding ever needed and it’s attractive and compliments the home. No more clanking, raw aluminum contraptions! The modular design is easy to assemble and change the configuration, no permits required or holes to dig! Take it with you when you move!

Portable Manual Lift Aid

The Para Ladder provides the dignity of an unassisted floor to standing or floor to wheelchair manual lift. It’s portable design folds to 3” wide and weighs only 11 lbs. Ideal for the home, traveling, getting to and from a pool or a boat deck. Use the Para Ladder to get to the floor safely to play with children, to garden, or do home maintenance and other pleasures.

In most cases, wheelchair users who can perform a pressure release are able to use the Para Ladder unassisted. And able bodied users can use it to return to a standing position. Only minimal arm strength is required. It reduces transfer related injuries.