Technology for Independent Living

Bump Dots

Many common household appliances have flat panel type buttons and for a person of low vision it can be impossible to tell by feel alone where the buttons are.

Bump Dots are exactly what you need to help find the start button on the microwave or dishwasher, the on button on the TV remote if you are visually impaired, or even piano keys. Use them to find the home keys on a computer keyboard. You can now operate a stove safely and independently. There are different “textures” to the dots, some are rounded, others flat. Cut the flatter squares diagonally and you have up and down arrows you can feel. A multi pack comes with a total of 80 bump dots per package. And they double as “feet” for ceramic vases! Around $16.00.

StopGap Mini Ramps

It’s easy to get a temporary ramp for your retail, residential or commercial location. Simply take a picture showing the entire entryway. Take two up close pictures showing a tape measure or ruler on the left AND right side of the step. Then choose a color! These lightweight plywood ramps can be brought in each night, or left out. And their bright colors get people talking about the much bigger issue of inclusivity! They make life easier for everyone, parents pushing strollers, and hand trucks for heavy packages.