Technology for Independent Living

Digital Accelerator Ring

Enjoy driving with both hands! DARIOS has a solution for hand controls for paraplegic drivers. A digital accelerator ring and the main hand brake allows the driver to keep both hands on the wheel. These can be installed on most vehicles with automatic transmissions. The original pedals remain functional. It is installed on the car’s original steering wheel and all airbags, adjustments (tilt and telescopic), the horn, the cruise control remain functional. At low speed the acceleration is smooth and progressive. At high speed it is quick and dynamic. Only very little effort is needed to accelerate. The distance from idle to full throttle is only about 3/4 inch.

There’s even a version that enables the driver to choose between two driving styles: “Standard” or “Sport”. And the main hand brake is well integrated. The lever is pushed downward to brake. The force required to brake is less than half the force required by foot. You can even take a “test” drive by the videos on their website!

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Door bells can be hooked up to lights to let you know when someone arrives. But what about if you don’t have a doorbell? The Door Beacon reacts to the vibration created when knocking on the door and the sensor causes it to flash. It has an adjustable sensitivity switch, just in case pets set it off unnecessarily.  With three different mounting options, it’s great for home or travel. Even if you are just in a noisy environment at work. Wireless installation as it uses a 9V battery.

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