Technology for Independent Living

Strong Arm Fishing Cuff

Casting a fly-rod from a wheelchair takes surprisingly little strength. The only adaptions to the rod itself is to extend the rod a few inches back from the reel. To hold the rod you can use a versatile Strong Arm cuff. It fits comfortably around the wearers arm and wrist, is made of high quality materials, and is available for right or left handed individuals. It can even be used for other applications like golf! $32.95

A spring loaded fly reel tightens as the line is pulled out. Simply hit the trigger and the spring winds in the line. It is good, and even fun, to practice casting on the front lawn at home to “work the bugs out” before adding Murphy Fodder – namely trees, bushes, pets, etc., that like to become entangled in your line.

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Dual Alarm Clock

The Vibe has two alarms, a loud audible alarm AND silent vibrating wristband alarm that makes this clock suitable for all types of users and wake-up needs. The alarm beeps for 90 seconds, so if you’re they type of sleeper where the 75 decibel alarm won’t wake you, the vibrating wristband alarm can be used for a silent method to gently shake you awake. The comfortable vibrating wristband is also great for waking up without disturbing other people, for people who are deaf and want a tactile vibrating alarm, or if you want both audible and vibrating alarms to go off to ensure you wake up (just in case!) $49.95