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Free Audio Magazine

If you have conditions that make it difficult to read, such as low vision, macular degeneration, MS, cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s’ or any condition that makes it difficult to  hold a magazine, you are eligible for Choice Magazine Listening Service. Four times a year, listeners receive 12 hours of the best articles, stories and poems from the finest magazines. A talking book player is also provided free of charge. Enjoy the issue for several weeks, then return it in the postage free mailer provided. It’s also available for download. The editors select articles, stories and poems from over 100 publications like National Geographic, Sports Illustrated, Time, Vanity Fair, Discover, Travel & Leisure, Rolling Stone, Smithsonian, the New Yorker and so many more. Selected pieces are wonderfully read by some of America’s top audio book narrators. This service is free of charge to all listeners.

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Adaptive Clothing

Clothing that is more comfortable for chair users! Sitter Pants are cut higher in the back and lower in the front so they don’t hit the ribs in front or ride down in the back. All elastic waist with a extra long zippers in front or on the side, they are customized to your measurements. Different stylish and comfortable fabrics are available. They also have a Kick Back Suit in a soft interlock knit. Choose from open back zipper or inseam snaps. G-tube lots available too with or without a protective pocket to hold the tube.