The Ability Experience Passes Through Pullman

The Ability Experience is a nonprofit philanthropic initiative of the Pi Kappa Phi national fraternity. The second weekend in June, Community Congregational United Church of Christ in Pullman hosted one of its Journey of Hope teams overnight at the church. The team consists of 23 students from colleges around the country with 17 of them cycling and 6 of them driving as crew members from Seattle to Washington D.C. throughout the summer. They are raising money and spreading awareness for people with disabilities. Despite the rain, the young men said their 125-mile ride from Walla Walla to Pullman on Sunday was “great!”

They are one of two teams biking the 4,300-mile route, scheduled to take 67 days total. The other team started in San Francisco on June 5. Last year, the teams raised $367,000 and their goal this year is $400,000. Funds that are raised go towards annual Ability Camps and updating buildings in the US and internationally for those living with disabilities. #abilityEXP #ccucc_palouse #inclusiveness #joh2022