The Tony Kettel Skate Gardens Come to Life!

         While walking the future garden site last Fall, Steven Corr of DACNW said it best. “When this place is finished, it will be the coolest park around!”

The Garden Transformation Team of the Tony Kettel Skate Gardens is excited to bring to life the “Parisian Avenue” design concept this Spring on the plateau North of the Palouse Skatepark! Visitors will soon be able to enjoy views of the surrounding Palouse region amongst European Hornbeams and themed garden beds, which will be home to many beautiful plantings. And one day, nature lovers of every age will be invited to attend educational offerings at this site through collaborative partnerships with both neighboring universities as well as local libraries and schools.

The fencing for this space has been ordered and will soon be installed along the downtown overlook, and an ADA accessible sidewalk will be poured. The 8 foot long seating benches at the Tony Kettel Skate Gardens will then be placed. Each of the 6 purchased benches have 3 seating segments within it, with armrests for each seat. The Garden Transformation Team has actively participating members of many ages, and the ease of sitting and standing was addressed early on as an important factor in selecting benches appropriate for every visitor.

Seeking to connect many generations of people together, creating ADA Access has always been a priority for our project. With the talent and direction available to us from DACNW, the Palouse Skatepark and Tony Kettel Skate Gardens will be a welcome location for everyone.

The skate park board of directors will appeal to the Palouse City Council to designate an accessible parking space and access point from the East Whitman Street parking area, and there are already 3 curb cut access ramps near the future skate park. There are entry points for wheelchairs on this level, with one location near a future picnic area and 2 others at the corner of the skate-able amphitheater.

Vehicle parking access to the upper garden space is being made available to the Tony Kettel Skate Gardens by partnering with our very supportive neighbor, the Calvary Chapel of the Palouse. A designated accessible parking space will be marked in their back parking lot and available to visitors during non-Church event hours. An ADA wheelchair ramp will also be designed and installed beside this parking space in a future phase of development.

The Tony Kettel Skate Gardens and Palouse Skatepark projects are wonderfully supported grassroots efforts. Both are being made possible through countless volunteer hours, fundraisers, generous private donors, and a growing list of project partners. Palouse Skatepark, Inc. wishes to thank the Disability Action Center NW for their role in this tremendous building effort, and for believing in the project as a whole!

For more information, to donate to the project, or to get involved, please click here.