Therapy & Homeschool Resources for IEP Parents

I don’t know about you, but last week I was just completely overwhelmed. Our new reality has been announced and to be honest, it’s a lot to digest. But as we learned we would be working from home with our kids, my social media and email started to flood with possible resources. I found it to be good and bad. Good that there are so many resources. Bad in that I was overwhelmed with all the information and couldn’t organize it in my head. But, as the dust settles and I learn that I will be helping my child learn from home, I have to make sense of it.

This is a list of resources to use to teach and work with your child at home. I want to give a shoutout and plug to my friend Lenore at LetGrow. If you aren’t familiar with her site, now is a fantastic time to access her FREE Independence Kit and Projects for Kids. For my 5th grader, we are focusing on this more than traditional academics. 

Resources for Autism and Kids with Disabilities:
I wanted to share some resources that have been sent to me that are either autism or disability-specific. I am still adding to this list!
Seaver Autism Center: strategies for talking to kids about coronavirus, social stories, behavior management strategies, visual supports, sensory related resources, and even some virtual field trips.
Light Play Activities for Older Kids: sensory and vision impairments.

The Special Ed Guru List: A variety on online programs for different learning styles.
CHOP Center for Autism Research: Their recommendations for making at home learning successful.
Devereaux Advanced Behavioral Health: Resources for families to provide reassurance to children.
BehaviorBabe: BCBA offers tips for students, advocates, and caregivers.
There are also educational apps, occupational therapy ideas to do from home, math learning labs, audio books, virtual tours of museums, zoos, National parks and even exploring the surface of Mars! For the full list of 150+ ideas go to my blog