There’s an App for That!

Hello SMART phone fans, Tis I…. One Armed Bandit…. burning up the keyboard, hailing from the main office of DAC deep in the heart of Moscow Idaho. For the last few days I been surfing the web looking for apps that will aid individuals with disabilities. After pouring over thousands of apps, to my amazement, I found a variety of apps available. From information on what Social Security is to Dating with a disability. Without any further ado, lets dig in and have a look see at what I discovered. Where to begin???? Well I guess this is a good place. We’ll start with the app that describe Social Security.

The Social Security app; tells about the Social Security history, defines what is considered to be a disability, talks about primary insurance amount and has a benefit calculator, benefits, retirement age, and taxes on the benefits. The next step of this process is applying for disability benefits. Don’t worry…there’s an app for that!

How to Apply for Disability app explains how to file a claim, what to expect, speaks about Social Security, benefits, five fears, questions you should ask and more. Should you choose to apply for benefits yourself you may encounter bumps along the way. You’ll need some legal advice….

Which brings us to Disability Attorney. This app puts you in touch with disability lawyers to help address your legal concerns. It also helps with appointment requests, records questions that you may have for future meetings with an attorney and gives you GPS directions to their office.

Disabled veterans don’t feel left out! There are apps out there for you guys as well. VetCalc app helps you understand how the Department of Veterans Affairs calculates disability percentages pursuant to the Combined Ratings Table and how they calculate your monthly disability benefit payment using the Veterans Affairs Compensation Benefits Rate Table.

The ADA Reference app is what its title says. It lists everything from regulations to definitions on important topics like employment or public services among many others. Another cool feature is it is in off-line format so you can read it where ever your at. SWEET!!!

To change gears a little bit. If something happens to where you need help with either a first responder or your neighbor because of an accident, there are some neat apps for that as well.

The Disability Card is a simple app that allows the individual that is helping you know who you are, what disability you have, what the symptoms are, and an advocates phone number.

To go along with the previous app the Pain Rating Scales helps convey the amount of pain you are in. Either you or another can evaluate the pain level through features like horizontal and vertical Numerical Rating Scale, Numerical 11 Point Box Scale, Color Analogue Scale, Faces Rating Scale, Chronic Pain Grade Scale, or you can use the Roland-Morris Disability Questionnaire.

To round off this area lets look at the Red Panic Button app. If your around your home or taking in the scenery and get into trouble, this app can send a panic message with your location to friends, family members or authorities. Ooooooh, you can almost feel the LOVE, can’t you? I know I feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

Let us finish up this little rendezvous of app enlightenment with the apps we all have been waiting for.

Disabled Dating app is not only for the disabled but for everyone who would like to join. So if your feeling lonely, bored out of your skull and want something to do or just want to meet people that have a better chance of understanding you, this might be what your looking for.

Disability Talk app helps you become educated in the disability arena through the means of various disability topics and gives you the ability to network with others using the app.


A Blind Legend is a game for the blind. No kidding! I myself didn’t know anything like this existed! Kudos to the developers of this intriguing game! You’re the famous blind knight Edward Blake and go on a fantastic adventure using only your ears. That’s right! This game has no video only audio with a gripping 3D soundscape and of coarse you use the touch screen of your phone like a joystick. So for all you game lovers don the headphones, stretch your thumbs and let the adventure begin!

That’s all I have for you today, I hope you enjoyed your journey with me through the ever-growing app world and I hope you learned something new, I know I did! What I shared with you in this article only scrapes the tip of the iceberg when it comes to apps. What I’m trying to say is there are duplicates, quadruplets maybe even octuplicates on one subject so, if you don’t like one try another. I also noticed that some apps cost money while others are free, you might want to keep that in mind as well.

As always take care and remember…..There’s An App For That!

WARNING: This article is not for promoting any certain app. I have not downloaded nor have I tried any of these apps that are in this article. Always read the reviews about the apps you are interested in and always check for viruses.

Windows Development Center says designing inclusive software results in improved usability and customer satisfaction with apps. On their website you can learn quick tips to make your app more accessible through color and contrast, programmatic access and keyboard navigation. With their training videos you can learn main design principles for making apps accessible.