“The advantage is that my brain sees and puts information in my head differently, more interestingly than if I saw like everyone else.” – Whoopi Goldberg,
talking about her Dyslexia


Wheelchair Using Zombies?

Typically, zombie shows and movies do not have roaming zombies with disabilities. Which got us to wondering, if roughly 20% of Americans have a disability, the proportion should be the same in zombie shows, shouldn’t it? And lying on the ground cut in half doesn’t count as an amputee! Where are the Zombie wheelchair users rolling around, or zombies using walkers or forearm crutches?

Out of 796 characters regularly appearing on 109 scripted shows on major networks in 2013, only 8 had disabilities, reports GLAAD. It’s getting better with more and more commercials and programming showing people with disabilities in a normal setting. And so too are the disabled zombies.

This one was spotted in Sean of the Dead. The actor is a friend of one of the creators. She got in a car accident when she was seventeen and he asked her to do this. Another was spotted on the locally produced Z Nation from Spokane, Washington. Yay! People with disabilities that are a part of life – and, er, the un-dead.

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